Feedback Graphics is a small high-quality shop
located in Bend, Oregon.

I set up shop here 26 years ago, and have happily been an integral part of the community ever since. I hold to the belief that the quality of one’s work is often a reflection of the quality and balance of one’s life. I work hard, and I play hard, retaining the balance that fuels the creative fires.

I got my start as a freelancer, drawing illustrations with Adobe Illustrator 88 and a Mac IIci for a math text book—at the dawn of the digital publishing age. Since that time, evolving in tandem with the industry, I’ve worked on thousands of jobs of ever increasing complexity, ever shorter time-lines, and ever higher standards.

Working as a freelancer has the advantage and privilege of getting to work with many fine art directors, designers, photographers, copywriters, production artists, project managers and printers. This has allowed me to see the creative process from many different perspectives, and to learn the skills and tricks of the trade that translate to excellence and efficiency.

Years of experience have taught me how to avoid the pitfalls that can trip-up a project. Good communication, organization and tight planning at the beginning of a project lead to a smooth, well-paced workflow. Taking advantage of shortcuts and simplifying frequently used procedures increases efficiency and accuracy.

Which means more time for creativity.