While the verb “to photoshop” has become common usage, there’s a world of difference between most of the crude fakery often seen today and the work of a highly skilled professional. I have years of experience retouching, color correcting and combining images and know how to get images to look their best with accurate color when printed. I’ve knocked-out and corrected thousands of images for product catalogs, advertisements, websites and books.

Image compositing is the trick of combining parts of different images into a realistic and believable whole. For instance, perhaps you have product image that was shot in the studio, but you’d like to give it a different setting or background. Or your photo budget is tight, so you’d like to use some inexpensive stock, but combine and customize the images to match the design. The possibilities are endless. If you can imagine it, I can help bring it to print and screen.

Production Art and Layout

As a production artist, I have worked closely with many creative art directors, designers and copywriters, helping them to bring their creative vision to life on the printed page and screen. Taking their basic sketches and direction, I do all the layout, typesetting, image retouching, editing and prepress. The final result is a perfectly finished piece that’s ready for press or web.

Book Design and Production

I love books. I love to read them, and I love to design and work on them. Unlike an ad that may only run for a few months, a book lasts for years. Books need a cover that will grab the reader’s eye, and a readable and beautiful interior design that will add to the reader’s enjoyment.

Do you have a concept for how you want your book to look? I can help you realize that creative vision, guiding you through the process so that the book that you hold in your hands after printing looks better than you could have ever imagined. Or, I can design both cover and interior with only minimal creative input from the publisher.

When working on a project as complex as a book, planning and efficiency become even more important to staying on deadline and within budget. I have the experience and skills to not only do beautiful work, but to do it quickly.

Graphic Design

Sometimes you need a complete creative strategy, a full ad campaign, and lots of collateral pieces… but many times you just need a well-designed brochure or an event poster. It’s the smaller, yet still important, design projects that Feedback Graphics excels at. And unlike a full-service, high-overhead, ad agency/design firm, I enjoy these smaller jobs and can complete them within tighter budget constraints.

I can help you come up with creative design ideas from scratch. Or, if you have a concept that needs to become a printed piece, but lack the know-how to make it happen, I can guide you through the process.